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Notes from the Nursing Faculty Search Process - Reflections from a Search Chair

I recently served as the Chair of the Search committee for my College. It was a great experience and very enlightening to be on the "other" side of the search process. We had a very successful year of recruitment and I learned a lot.

Here's some tips if you're considering entering the academic job market in nursing. Most of these will apply largely to Research I universities, but may apply elsewhere.

1.  Do your homework: Come to the interview showing that you have done some research about the place where you're applying. Know the faculty members who might be good collaborators or mentors. The interview process is as much about you feeling a place out as it is about them figuring out if you're going to be a good match. Well prepared candidates always get more positive feedback than those who are not.

2. Identify where you can teach in their programs - and not just in the PhD program: Reality of most US nursing programs is they need people who can teach core co…