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Good News from the Job Hunt Market

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing is the organization that accredits baccalaureate nursing programs in the United States.  They do a really great job of ensuring that nursing education programs in the US produce the best possible graduates.

They also track hiring patterns among new graduates.  Here are some key results from their most recent survey of May 2013 graduates:

59% of new BSN graduates had job offers at the time of graduation.At four to six months after graduation, the survey found that 89% of new BSN graduates had secured employment in nursing.The percentage of BSN graduates with job offers at graduation varied by region of the country, from 68% in the South, to 59% in the Midwest, to 50% in the Northeast, to 47% in the West.The job offer rate for new nurses at the 4-6 month mark also varied by region from 93% in the South, to 90% in the Midwest, to 82% in the Northeast and West.So what does this mean for you, December 2013 or May 2014 graduate?  First, it tell…