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There Are Other Masters Degrees in Nursing - Part II

With more absurd stories of bad management coming in from the field, it seems only appropriate to talk about the great need for good nurse managers. According to the 2008 US national sample survey of nurses, less than 25% of nurses in management roles have a masters degree in general, nevermind a specialized one with the necessary leadership, finance, and operations management skills and knowledge required for the role. In fact, 40% of nurse managers only have an associate's degree. Managers continue to impact patient outcomes with how they choose to staff their units, handle patient complaints, and navigate workplace relationships. The quality of their management is reflected in unit turnover rates of staff. Unit level turnover is very costly to the healthcare system. If you interview for a job and you find out there has been a lot of turnover, be wary of bad management practices. As your career evolves, test out your leadership skills as a charge nurse. Get involved with project…

Another Great Nurse

I wish I didn't have to keep highlighting nurses who are the embodiment of what our profession should be at all times, never mind during disasters, but that seems to be the way the media highlights nurses these days.

CNN highlighted a story about the nurse who was with a Boston Marathon bombing victim during her last minutes of life.  Read the story here and remember these are moments that remind us why we do what we do.