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A Nurse Changing the World

A former student shares her story of trial and triumph as she fought her way through a nursing school program that doubted her nursing skills because she had only one arm.

She's a wonderful example of perseverance and how nurse managers can really make a difference with developing and retaining young nurses.

There Are Other Masters Degrees Besides a Nurse Practitioner - Part I

It strikes me that many students and nurses do not seem to know about the "other" masters degree options for nurses.  Everyone seems to want to be a nurse practitioner these days.  Now, that's great news for the primary care provider shortage, but we need nurses with masters degrees who can work in other positions and have other skill sets.
Let's review the other masters degrees in nursing.  Nearest and dearest to my own heart is Nursing Education.  Remember that really cool clinical instructor you had in your entry-level nursing program --that could be you!  Do you like precepting new hires?  Are you the person on your unit who unofficially keeps everyone up-to-date on the latest evidence?  Do you really enjoy patient teaching, whether in the hospital or community setting?  Do you just like to teach?  Nursing education is the right masters for you.  Skills learned in a nursing education masters cannot be learned on the job.  Curriculum writing and program developmen…

Congratulations Nurses, You Made the List

Nurses, regardless of your views about gun ownership, by the very nature of your career choice you are now on the National Rifle Association's enemies list.  Not to worry, you are in good company with our physician colleagues.  That's right, the American Medical Association made the list too along with the Pediatricians.  The complete list also has teachers, cops, and religious groups on there.  Yes, your religious affiliation could make you an NRA enemy, even if you own a gun.

Suffice it to say, it's pretty easy to understand why health professions associations made those lists.  When you keep seeing teenagers and young adults hospitalized due to gun violence in their communities, take care of a critically ill child that was shot by a gun in their own home because they were playing with it, or when an angry human being walks into the emergency room where you work with a loaded rifle threatening everyone, that kind of waste of human potential is a gross injustice on many …